Find out the password for your victim's profile!

There are millions of people with millions of social network accounts. They are usually using the largest social networks to exchange messages, share their photos and every single tiny moments of their life. Have you ever wondered what your friends are talking about in private messages? Who is this guy that your girlfriend are excited about? Is she cheating on you maybe? Well, you have to find out the truth! With Ultimate Social Hacker it's gonna be a walk in the park.

The Ultimate Social Hacker 3.5.1 in Action - Progress is Shown in the Console Window

How to use the Ultimate Social Hacker?

It's a really simple and straight forward process. You have to download the software to your computer. Enter your victim's login e-mail and load the necessary plugins than take a look at the settings. Hit the start button and the tool will do the rest! The hacking process could take a couple minutes based on your victim's password strength and the protection level of the database where the attacked account is located. Check back a few minutes later and you will see the exact password in the console window. Now make sure to open a private browsing window in your Internet browser and log in to your victim's account.

What else can I do with this exclusive tool?

The brand new Ultimate Social Hacker is not just a social network password hacking tool. You can enjoy all the cool features already built-in the software to trick your friends such as

  • Hack any popular social network account in minutes
  • Freeze accounts and replace their passwords
  • Portable version to install on USB flash drives
  • Anonymous mode to cover footprints when used on the victim's computer
  • Multi-thread account hacking procedures to maximize speed and performance
  • Plugin support (extend the possibilities and add new features easily)
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8

Disclaimer - This website / software product is a social experiment. The Ultimate Social Hacker 3.5.1 is a dummy tool and it is not even connecting to the Internet.
You can not hack social network profiles with it, period. It is just for fun. If you are serious about hacking other people's profiles, go elsewhere we can't help you with that.
The Ultimate Social Hacker 3.5.1 application can not damage user profiles or collect personal information at all and it's virus free. Opt-In advertisement offerings may appear
during the installation process. You can decline or accept these advertisement software offerings. Always read the TOS' and EULAs.